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My Story. Your Story. Our Story. Exhibition

Just pulling together my pictures and sharing some video from this day and want to say what an awesome project this was and really looking forward to what might be coming next from Theressa at Ahuroa School.

If you have a project you want to share, need support with collaborating online, access to virtual school environments and connections to networks of schools - get in touch would love to work with you!

15 Schools, 300 Students, 1200 Photos!

'It is always such an amazing feeling being able to meet face to face with friends who you have learned with online. This was especially so with the opening of the My Story, Your Story, Our Story  exhibition at Orewa Estuary Arts Centre on the weekend. Students, teachers and parents gave up their weekend, traveled many miles, took ferries, flights and vans to meet in Orewa and be with the amazing Theressa Butler from Ahuroa School at the opening of their Photography exhibition. Great to see students from Kaitoke & Mulberry Grove Schools, from Great Barrier; Kaikohe West, Hobsinville Point and Ahuroa Schools; and teachers from Devonport and Moanataiari Schools.'                                   June Newsletter

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