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Over the Back Fence Project 2016

Check out the Over the Back Fence Project - Global Connections, Collaborative Inquiry, Reciprocal Teaching. Plan to participate for 2016!
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Mitiaro Students from the Cook Islands connect with students at Rosmini College.
Our Over the Back Fence project has provided a weekly video lesson to over 40 classrooms across New Zealand and 23 classrooms overseas. Rosmini College Year 12 students have led 8-10 minutes lessons to some of these schools for more than four years. Connections occur at a mutually agreed upon time. There will be up to 90 different connect times during 2016. Classroom teachers select topics for the Rosmini to develop and present.
Registration for the 2016 programme is now underway. 
Teachers interested to join their class with the Over the Back Fence project should contact gwood@rosmini.school.nz for further information and a registration form.

Environmental Health Project--register for a Term One start.

 Three hundred G7 (Year 7) students from Texas are joining the 4th edition of the Our Environment: Our Health 2016 inquiry project. The Texan's will be joining students from New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Finland, India, Bangladesh and Canada in February through May. This year the project is going co-curricular, adding language, digital technology, science and social studies to the blended content. Schools are currently registering students now. New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Island students will have a summer vacation place where they can join other students research environmental health issues. Thirty-eight topics will be under study and groups are to action and measure outcomes from solutions.
If you are a Y8 classroom teacher seeking a project for your class or have a few students seeking extra challenge next year, contact Geoff Wood at gwood@rosmini.school.nz
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