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Mobile Learning Webinar K-12

VIA DEANZ On behalf of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

K-12 Mobile Learning Webinar

Wednesday, 11/18, 9pm EST

This week, we'll be hosting a webinar on Wednesday evening. The late start time better accommodates some of our presenters, who will be participating from Australia. Our session will explore emerging themes from the research on mobile device use in K-12 schools between 2010 and 2013, including the finding that students can become collaborators in designing their own learning process through mobile learning.

Cathy Cavanaugh, Microsoft Worldwide Education
Dorit Maor, Murdoch University
Aidan McCarthy, Microsoft Worldwide Education

All webinars are held via Adobe Connect (https://connect.mivu.org/mvlri) and require only an audio output device. Attendees are encouraged to interact and ask questions using the text chat window. We also encourage attendees to chat on Twitter using #MVLRIchat.

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