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Digital resources for ANZAC Day

Started by Karen Melhuish Spencer 20 Apr 2012 5:10pm () Replies (5)


red poppiesWhat are you doing for ANZAC Day with your students?

ANZAC Day is a local, authentic occasion to explore our role and place in New Zealand history and society, to explore global geography, to consider ideas around citizenship and duty, especially when compared to the background of current world events.

Here's a list of digital resources recently shared via TKI from Digistore and other NZ online communites:

What are you planning to do to share, explore and capture events around the day?

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  • Sonja Barneveld (View all users posts) 26 Apr 2012 7:34am ()

    The collection of digital resources just gets better every year and usually I'd be keen to add to the list but this year my favorite ANZAC day resource is a new book. It's the Red Poppy by David Hill with illustrations by Fifi Colston. It was released in hardback by Scholastic about six weeks ago and is a lovely story about New Zealand soldiers set in the Somme. It was inspired by a song called The Red Poppy which is on a CD in the back and to me it is a bit of a digital project as Fifi crowd sourced a lot of the things she needed via her Facebook networks including the models for the dog and German soldier. 

    My two great uncles who died in World War One both died in Europe (Messines and Flaubert) - with the focus on Gallipoli it is nice to have a story about New Zealanders who had that experience especially one that gently reflects some of the horror of the trenches while finishing with a message of hope.  While it is a picture book it's probably aimed at seven up. 


  • Karen Melhuish Spencer (View all users posts) 26 Apr 2012 9:19am ()

    Many thanks for all these examples, everyone. The story sounds beautiful, Sonja, and thanks, Allanah, for modelling how a podcast can capture the experience for students.

    On Twitter, I saw that ANZ was raising money through users buying a virtual poppy to wear on their profile - and there was a moving story, 'Dead Letters' told in 140-character installments on Twitter by @nzdodo, too.

    Always interesting to see the different dimensions that social media can add to the way we make meanings from our experiences :-)

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 02 May 2012 12:18pm ()

    Thank you for all of this sharing. Some of the stories, tweets are an emotional reminder of what honouring Anzac Day really means.

    Here's a perspective (movie) about Anzac from our school friends in Australia... WHAT IS ANZAC DAY ALL ABOUT?

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