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Webinar recordings

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Couldn't make it to an online workshop or webinar? Here are all the recorded sessions from the Enabling e-Learning team. Watch, listen and playback on demand.


Please note Blackboard Collaborate webinar recordings will play back in Vimeo, while Adobe Connect webinars will play back directly in Adobe Connect which means leaving this page.

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Enabling e-Learning on demand...



Screenshot of Seesaw webinarDiving into Seesaw (3/2017). Part of this thread: Diving into Seesaw.

Screenshot of Authentic learning webinarAuthentic curriculum (3/2017). Part of this thread: Enabling e-Learning Forum: Authentic curriculum in action 

Safer Internet Day 7 Feb: Updates from Netsafe (2/2017). Part of this thread: Safer Internet Day 7 Feb: Updates from Netsafe with Karen Spencer

Screenshot of Innovation in school webinarWebinar: What does innovation look like in your school?  (11/2016). Part of this thread: FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event

Learning for all webinar screenshot

Webinar: Learning for all (11/2016). Part of this thread: Enabling e-Learning forum: Designing inclusive innovative learning environments

Youtube Live stream discussion with Steve Bargh (NZQA) (11/2016) Second part of webinar series. Part of this thread: Digital assessment practices in secondary schools

NZQA webinar screenshot Webinar: NZQA updates on digital exams (10/2016) ** Please note the quality has been compromised. Part of this thread: Digital assessment practices in secondary schools

Youtube Live stream discussion on COOLs (9/2016) Part of this thread: Communities of Online Learning.

Curriculum for the future screenshot Webinar: Curriculum for the Future (9/2016) Part of this thread: Curriculum for the Future

Collaborative inquiry screenshotWebinar: What is collaborative inquiry? (8/2016) Part of this thread: What is collaborative inquiry?

Enabling e-Learning web tour screenshotEnabling e-Learning web tour (6/2016) 

Design thinking webinar screenshotWebinar: Learner centred - design thinking (5/2016) Part of this thread: Forum: People-based learning design

Getting started in an ILE screenshotWebinar: Getting started in an ILE (Innovative Learning Environment) (4/2016) Part of this thread: Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?

Digital Planners webinar

Webinar: Digital Planners (3/2016) Part of this thread: Forum: Digital Teacher Planners - an Enabling e-Learning event

Screenshot of Maker space webinarWebinar: Maker space, maker movement, what is it, why do we do it? (11/2015) Part of this thread: Maker culture, is it really all that new?

Digital portfolios webinar screenshotWebinar: Digital portfolios for teachers (10/2015) Part of this thread: Appraisal, registered teacher criteria and your e-learning goals.

Unconference webinar screenshotWebinar: Unconference: Guest presenter YOU! (9/2015) 

Leading e-learning webinar screenshot Webinar: e-Learning leadership: what does it take?  (8/2015) Part of this thread: e-Learning leadership: what does it take in a digital age?

Pakirehua webinar imageWebinar: Pakirehua teacher as Inquiry with a Māori world view (8/2015) Part of this thread: Pakirehua: Teacher Inquiry with a Māori world view

PLD Social Networking screenshotWebinar:Personalising PLD using social networks (8/2015) Part of this thread: Personalising PLD using social networks

Screenshot of resourcing e-learning webinarWebinar: Resourcing e-learning (6/2015) Part of this thread: Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

Screenshot of UDL webinarWebinar: Universal Design for Learning - applying the framework to create an inclusive classroom (6/2015) Part of this thread: Forum: Universal Design for Learning

Screenshot of BYOD webinarWebinar: BYOD at Wairakei (4/2015) Part of this thread: BYOD at Wairakei | An Enabling e-Learning event

Screenshot of Introducing CLA webinar Webinar: Introducing the Connected Learning Advisory - Te Ara Whītiki (3/2015) Part of this thread: Introducing the Connected Learning Advisory 

Screenshot of Getting to know learners webinar Webinar: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners (3/2015) Part of this thread: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners

 e-Learning tools in literacy (12/2014) Part of this thread: e-Learning tools in Literacy - writing using digital tools

Screenshot of eLPF online tool webinar Webinar - Using the eLPF online tool and analysing your data (11/2014) Part of this thread: eLPF online tool

Screenshot of 1:1 webinar Webinar: Moving towards 1 1 devices - exploring different approaches and lessons learned (10/2014) Part of the BYOD theme Screenshot of Elpf and strategic planning webinar Webinar: Using the e-Learning Planning Framework as a tool for strategic planning and staff development (10/2014) Part of this thread: eLPF online tool


Screenshot of Learner agency webinar Webinar: EEL Working together to reimagine student agency (10/2014) Part of the Universal Design for Learning theme


Screenshot of NZQA webinar Webinar: NZQA assessment online (10/2014Part of this thread: NZQA and Assessment online


Supporting secondary maths through digital technologies (8/2014) Part of this thread: Have you considered flipping your Maths programme in a Junior Secondary context?


Supporting maths through digital technologies (5/2014) Part of these threads: Infusing e-learning into maths Josie Woon and the VLN/EEL communities (4/2014) Part of this thread: Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule 


Ways to build your online professional learning community (3/2014) Part of these threads:  Professional learning in the digital age | Opportunities and challenges and How can we use the VLN / Enabling e-Learning for our own learning?


e-Learning appraisal and registered teacher criteria (11/2013) Part of this thread: Appraisal and your e-learning goals for 2013

Gaming in Education (11/2013) Part of this thread: Gaming in education

Schools, Google apps and the cloud (9/2013) Part of this thread: Schools, Google apps and the cloud

Strategic planning and e-learning NAPP korero 14 (9/2013) Part of this thread: 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14


Secondary curriculum, NCEA and e-learning (8/2013) Part of this thread: NCEA and e-learning | Designing for success

Smart libraries and information hubs for the future (8/2013) Part of this thread: Relevant, smart libraries of the future 

Unconference - e-learning in your classroom - your voice (7/2013) Part of this thread:  Come, let's meet and share what we do


Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective  (6/2013) Part of this thread: Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective.

What does effective e-learning pedagogy and UFB look like? (6/2013) Part of this thread: What changes when you get ultra-fast broadband?

Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy in a primary setting (4/2013) Part of this thread: Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy in a primary setting.

Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story (3/2013) Part of this thread: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom


Using digitised primary sources across the curriculum (11/2012) Part of this thread: Using digitised primary sources across the curriculum

Digital Learning spaces: what does it look like? (10/2012) Part of this thread: What do tomorrow's classrooms look like?


BYOD- How to use mobile technologies effectively (9/2012) Part of this thread: The great BYOD debate


Ethics for teachers working online (9/2012) Part of this thread: Social Media and Ethics for Teachers Working Online


Digital citizenship - using Inquiry to build digital citizenship (6/2012) Part of the Digital Citizenship theme

Portfolios in the classroom (6/2012) Part of these resources: PowerPoint  presentation and Russell Street School documentation.

Building reflective practice (5/2012) Part of the Professional Learning theme 

Digital resources for Māori learners (3/2012) - Part of the Learning with digital technologies for Māori and Pasfika learners theme

When broadband comes to you, where to start (3/2012) Part of the Technologies theme

What does professional learning look like online for learners and leaders (2/2012 Part of the Professional Learning theme



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