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Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora te tamaiti.

 The Virtual Learning Network Primary School (VLNP) is a collaborative community of schools throughout New Zealand working together to provide improved educational opportunities for students through online learning. The community aims to meet the needs of students in the primary schooling sector from Years 1 to 8 and is inclusive of all Primary, Kura, Intermediate and Area Schools. The VLN Primary School is a charitable trust governed by participating schools and resourced in part by the Ministry of Education and schools themselves.


Connecting New Zealand schools for enhanced learning outcomes.

The vision of the Virtual Learning Network Primary School is to:

  • become the national virtual learning centre for quality online teaching and learning programmes for the New Zealand Primary education sector;
  • provide online and blended learning programmes to schools that enable equitable educational opportunities for diverse learners in a variety of locations with a range of specific needs.

The programmes will broaden students' learning opportunities by participating in flexible and dynamic virtual learning classes that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. Schools can become part of established collaborative learning programmes that provide students with authentic and engaging learning opportunities. 

 The VLN Primary School will achieve this by providing primary schools with:

  • support and leadership for virtual learning,
  • effective coordination of virtual learning programmes,
  • professional learning to enable quality online teaching and learning programmes,
  • personnel to advocate for virtual learning initiatives.

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