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Online Classes

Our Online Classes

We have several classes running for Te Reo Māori, Mandarin, Te Reo Māori Cook Islands, French, Spanish Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, German & Afrikaans.  We also have an Astronomy class, computer programming and extension Maths. We support the Rural & Remote Schools Project and work with Geoff from Rosmini College in his Over the Back Fence Project

A key principle that underpins the VLN Primary is reciprocity. You must contribute to receive. As this initiative will work on the contributions of all it's members you are welcome to offer a course, or topic, or event that is your area of expertise or strength. From Astronomy, to extension maths, and anything in between. We would love to hear from any teachers who want to contribute to the VLN Primary School network. It involves a contribution of up to 2 hours a week to teach, prepare & communicate online. (Clusters of small schools are able to contribute one teacher between them.) Teachers are the life blood of a learning community - this is a great opportunity not only to provide new learning experiences for all our students but to improve your own skills and knowledge in elearning. If schools are unable to contribute an eteacher then they can contribute shared staffing or a participation fee that will contribute to teaching costs. These are set each year by the Governance Group.

Our online programmes of learning are scheduled to run in 'real time' once a week through ZOOM web conferencing and supported by our WeLearn students online learning environment, which students can access at anytime. Please read carefully the Protocols that outline schools commitments and costs when enrolling students with the VLN Primary.

Semester 1 classes will run for a duration of approximately 15 weeks beginning in Term 1, Week 5 or 6. Semester 2 classes run from Term 3 to midway through Term 4.
Priority placements are given to schools who are contributing to the VLN Primary. Most classes are aimed at the Y6 - 8 age group. Although younger children are welcome to participate but will need closer supervision and support by their home schools.

We can work with small groups of students from each school. Our average class size is 12 students from 3 to 4 schools. Where there are more students wanting to participate, schools can participate as a whole class although this has additional costs. Or schools may rotate students to participate in different semesters. Some students will be the online learners and then take their new learning back to share with their class - students teaching students. 

We help broker learning opportunities that our schools and students need, so we need to hear what programmes and projects you would like to have available, and can negotiate the ages and numbers of students participating if necessary. 

Our participating schools and the courses they offer are listed on the VLN Programmes of Learning brokerage site.  

Taster Online Class This is for schools new to the VLN Primary to try out an online class and to prepare themselves with online learning skills before they enrol in another VLN class. Bring your students to participate or 'be a fly & spy!'  Contact primary@vln.school.nz to register for a taster class.