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What our schools & students have to say about learning with the VLN Primary:

Motu School from Enabling eLearning 

"Our families are amazed at their students' Year 7 & 8 French lessons. I would like to add French as a reflection on the students' e portfolios" Lynda Jenkinson, Principal, Waerenga-O-Kuri School.

"I am doing really well with my francais learning. Thanks for helping us do this!" Matewai, Student, Tiniroto School.

"The Spanish class was excellent, the kids really enjoyed it and are highly motivated. They are using Spanish in their blogs and can't wait till their next lesson." Louise Knapman, DP, Auroa School.

"We are all on board for french lessons AND my students are very eager to continue." Julie Tumarae, Principal, Waipaoa Station School.

"The students are really enjoying the lessons and are practicing (believe it or not!), it just takes some a bit longer than others to get confident to speak to a screen I think...You have been very patient and it is hugely appreciated. The rest of the class enjoy listening in too!" Rebecca Trafford, Principal, Tiniroto School.

"Also completed a survey about teaching a second language to yr 7 & 8 students and said it wouldn't have been possible in a sole charge school without the VLN. Hope that was OK!!" Shelley Cornwall, Motu School.

"One of the greatest problems a rural school faces is access to teachers of specialist subjects. By being on the VLN, our students can be involved in virtual lessons delivered by any number of specialist teachers around the country.... As ‘virtual presence' technology improves, all the best teachers will be able to teach those students who wish to learn through their own inquiries." Rick Whalley, Principal, Matapu School.

Student & School Evaluation Reports 2010 - 2013