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Enabling e-Learning

Enabling e-Learning

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Haere mai, talofa lava and welcome to the main group for Enabling e-Learning/Ako-e in the VLN Groups. 

Enabling e-Learning is the Ministry of Education’s online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand. 

You can discuss particular aspects of e-learning in these e-Learning sub-groups:

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And you can find us on here...

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Meet our online facilitator: Tessa Gray



Brief description: The Ministry's hub for e-learning education resources and programmes in New Zealand.



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FORUM: Digital technologies in the national curriculum,

12 May 2017 - 12 Jun 2017
In this forum we'll unpack some of the key ideas and resources around understanding computational thinking page, digital technologies, digital fluency and more.

FORUM: Assessment in a digital age

26 May 2017 - 26 Jun 2017
This forum is an opportunity to discuss current assessment needs/issues/trends for both students and teachers in a digital age.

FORUM: Snapshots of Universal Design for Learning

5 Jun 2017 - 5 Jul 2017
In this forum, we'll explore some school stories and snapshots that showcase how digital technologies can support learners with learning challenges such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia and low vision. We'll also share a framework that support planning for differentiated learning

LIVE WEBINAR: Simple coding in Scratch

15:45 - 16:45, 21 Jun 2017
In this hands-on webinar, we invite to you join us to explore the programme Scratch - the look/feel, tools and potential for your students. We'll also share some practical examples, top tips for educators and talk about how simple programming in Scratch can help digital literacies and digital fluency.

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  • 2016/7 Digital technologies in schools survey results

    The 20/20 Trust's latest report, Digital technologies in schools, published April 2017, presents findings and information from the Digital Technologies in Schools survey. The survey objective was to ascertain how New Zealand schools manage access to, and the use of, digital technologies as a medium for curriculum delivery and student learning.

    Specific areas of focus include:

    • strategic planning and digital technologies
    • digital tools for learning and personal digital tools
    • internet safety and students
    • te reo Māori resources
    • the impact of digital technologies on learning
    • barriers to the use of digital technologies in schools
    • use of digital technologies to communicate with the wider community
    • future-focused learning and stages of adoption of digital technologies by teachers.

    The summary and full report are downloadable from the 20/20 Trust website .

    Posted: 11 days ago

  • Protect your school from WannaCry ransomware

    The weekend media reported on a virus called WannaCry that is targeting computers of public organisations and private companies around the world.
    Some schools may have been affected by this virus and we are writing to let you know what you should do and what we are doing to protect schools.

    What is WannaCry?

    WannaCry is malicious software that is taking control of computer systems by blocking access to a device, then demanding a ransom to unblock it. The virus, a type of ransomware, is largely being spread through emails when users click on links or attachments. Once a device is infected, the virus can quickly spread to all devices using your organisation’s network.
    You can read more about WannaCry in New Zealand from CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), the lead government agency monitoring the situation and providing advice on cyber security threats.

    How can you protect your school?
    • Keep your software up to date – Ensure all devices connecting to your school’s network are patched with the latest software updates. The virus is affecting devices using older versions of Microsoft Windows software (XP through to 2008 R2) by exploiting flaws in Microsoft Windows SMB Server. Turn automatic updates on wherever possible.
    • Be cautious of email attachments and links and remind your staff and students to do the same – Everyone should apply a duty of care when clicking on links and opening email attachments. Note: these could be sent by people you know including students or staff who are unaware their devices have been infected.
    • Don’t become complacent and make sure back up files are kept off site

    If your school has been infected, please report the incident to CERT immediately via its website: https://www.cert.govt.nz/businesses-and-individuals/report-an-issue/ and do not pay the ransom.

    What is being done about it

    N4L has blocked all traffic on the Managed Network that is attempting to connect to malicious IP addresses known to be associated with this virus. They are also actively monitoring the Managed Network to spot traffic patterns that may indicate suspicious activity from connected devices.

    Web safety and cyber security requires continuous vigilance, education and duty of care around how devices are used. This virus may evolve and we will continue to work closely with our technology partner, Spark, and government agencies such as Ministry of Education, CERT and Netsafe to help schools keep their online environments safe for teaching and learning.

    Posted: 12 days ago

  • Educamp dates and venues

    EduCampNZ is focused on digital learning, education, sharing ideas and learning from each other. Everyone is invited to participate.

    EduCampNZ Dates and Venues for 2017
    • EducampAKL Saturday 29th July, Papakura High School

    Posted: 16 days ago