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Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning

Owner: Chrissie Butler

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Every classroom is brimming with the diversity - the wide variability of learners needs and experiences is a given.

In the midst of that variability, some things are predictable - there will students that need support with: 

  • accessing print
  • managing their belongings
  • organising their thinking
  • demonstrating their understanding
  • participating in group work
  • sustaining motivation
  • expressing that they need some help ... etc

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is about creating environments where support for these predictable needs has been planned into the learning design at the outset by:

  • identifying and removing the invisible barriers that may be hidden in the way we teach, assess, prepare materials and environments that may inhibit learning for some students,
  • continually investing in getting to know students and each other, using that knowledge to connect interests and passions to learning and to build safe, supportive environments,
  • designing from the edges - starting our thinking from those who will need the most support and rather than the mythical average student
  • utilising technologies and the arts to increase options for access, independence, collaboration and creativity.


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