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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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Haere mai, talofa lava and welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Technologies public group.

Together we explore different technologies and how they can be used to improve students’ learning. 

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Brief description: Where we explore how different technologies can support learning.

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    Citizens and Citizens & Citizenship in a Digital World: A New Zealand Perspective

    Started by Amanda-Ellesbeth Neemia 04 Oct 2014 1:38pm (16 days ago)
    Kia Ora everyone, I am currently undertaking a professional inquiry into Citizens and Citizenship in a digital world and would appreciate it if you could find time to take part in my survey. The primary aim of the project is to discover what the...
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    Mobile Wireless 1-1 Devices

    Started by Jess Bertelsen 19 Sep 2014 9:32am (32 days ago) Replies (5) Last reply by Hamish McLean 31 days ago
    Hi Everyone    1. Does anyone have good material on the advantages of mobile learning devices in Schools - Primary and Secondary? 2. Does anyone have any idea how many Primary and Secondary Schools are using mobile learning devices in...
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    Learning with 1:1 digital technologies

    Started by Jane Armstrong 05 Jun 2014 9:38am (138 days ago) Replies (12) Last reply by Katarina Moore 34 days ago
    Is your school trialling or beginning a 1:1 digital devices or BYOD programme? What is your rationale for starting this initiative? How are you going about starting or what have you learned so far? We have put a new section, Learning with...
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    Padlet and getting past firewall

    Started by Heather Harper 11 Sep 2014 8:46am (40 days ago) Replies (2) Last reply by Heather Harper 39 days ago
    Some of our teachers are hooked into using padlet and are wanting to put in images and files. We are having great trouble trying to get past our Firewall. My technician and I have put into our Watchguard exceptions for all teh padlet extensions......
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    3D Printer

    Started by Ali Stewart 28 Aug 2014 8:53am (54 days ago) Replies (2) Last reply by Ben Britton 52 days ago
    Our school has just been given a 3D printer.  Any suggestions on where to start with this amazing technology?  We are a Year 0 - 6 school.  Thanks.
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    Chromebook & Android Device Recommendations

    Started by Kate Friedwald 12 Aug 2014 7:58pm (69 days ago) Replies (9) Last reply by Hamish McLean 67 days ago
    Hi all We are about to extend our BYOD proramme to 1to1 for Y5/6 and optional for Y3/4.  Our pilot programme this year has been 1to1 iPad/iPad mini which has been highly successful.  For next year we wish to extend our accepted devices to...
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    apple TV, Airserver, Chromecast...

    Started by Jane 01 Aug 2014 11:27am (80 days ago) Replies (8) Last reply by Jo Dudley 72 days ago
    Hi All We are wanting to invest in digital media players to use to wirelessly project information from our laptops (PCs) and iPads onto our classroom projectors. Does anyone know what's the most multipurpose/useful/cost effective way to do this out...
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    Lease vs Buy

    Started by Kylie Innes 27 Jun 2014 3:50pm (115 days ago) Replies (1) Last reply by Hamish McLean 115 days ago
    Hi everyone, our current lease is coming up and we are looking at updating our computers and ipads. Can I have peoples thoughts on which way to go. Companies you recommend if leasing?  Thank you Kylie
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    Google+ in Schools

    Started by Roimata Baker 28 May 2014 11:55am (145 days ago) Replies (5) Last reply by Martine Lord 140 days ago
    I have heard that Google+ is recommended for younger students however we teachers would like to to use Google+ within our school domain.  Is this possible while still restricting student's access to Google+? Would appreciate your advice which I...
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    Does Office 365 come with a dashboard feature?

    Started by Tessa Gray 16 Aug 2012 10:48am (796 days ago) Replies (1) Last reply by Al Croston 155 days ago
    I've just had a request from a school RE: Does Office 365 have a teacher dashboard similar to Google apps? Is anyone familiar with this?
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    Spelling tracker

    Started by MrsB30 17 May 2014 3:41pm (156 days ago)
    Hi everyone..not sure if I am asking this in the right place so please point me in the right direction if I'm not! Currently my students write their names on an interactive whiteboard website if they get all their spelling words right on a Friday. I...
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    Started by GrantStuart 14 May 2014 2:25pm (159 days ago) Replies (2) Last reply by Tessa Gray 159 days ago
    Kia Ora Team,  Has anyone got a parent survey about e-learning/devices used at home ??  Thanks ! 
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    USB microscopes

    Started by Jo Bringins 05 May 2014 7:29pm (168 days ago) Replies (2) Last reply by Tara Fagan 166 days ago
    Has anyone got experience of using these and can help with some suggestions on which to buy, anything to look out for or setting up information. Thanks
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    Will you use Google Glass for education?

    Started by Jason C. 17 Apr 2014 3:39pm (186 days ago)
    So, Google Glass to now available in USA. If it is also available in NZ, will you use it for education purpose? Maybe in class, fieldwork, etc. (Don't take price in your consideration now please :) I look forward to hearing from you! Jason
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    Why 3D printers?

    Started by Tessa Gray 17 Dec 2013 10:55am (308 days ago) Replies (17) Last reply by Tessa Gray 194 days ago
    I was watching TV One Breakfast show this morning - particularly the piece on using 3D printers in schools. My initial thoughts were... Make 3D plastic models of what exactly? Inspiring news item, but I was a bit stumped (might be because...
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    Video editors for Surface Tablets

    Started by Heather Harper 08 Apr 2014 8:33pm (195 days ago)
    We have a variety of different digital technologies in our classrooms at school, price and knowing that the device is the tool only, have influenced us in this direction. We did not want to be locked into one device / operating system/ brand...
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    Flip Cameras / Moviemaker

    Started by Heather Harper 17 Mar 2014 12:47pm (217 days ago) Replies (4) Last reply by Heather Harper 215 days ago
    We have some flip cameras at school and have been creating some video clips ,however really frustrating when we try to import into movie Maker as it does not support mP4 so we have to convert themto AVI using an online converter before they will go...
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    Free music

    Started by Heather Harper 17 Mar 2014 1:58pm (217 days ago) Replies (4) Last reply by Heather Harper 217 days ago
    I want to know if there is an easy way to get copyright free music for student projects where you don't have to register on a site. Just download the file into a project. 
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    Started by Senga White 10 Feb 2014 10:35am (253 days ago) Replies (5) Last reply by Senga White 251 days ago
    I have a teacher on my staff who is all fired up about Schoology.  This is a new Learning Management System for me.  If you are using it at your school, could you let me know: 1. what made you choose it over other LMS's that schools are...
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    First NZ Mahara conference

    Started by Kristina Hoeppner 13 Dec 2013 10:16pm (311 days ago) Replies (1) Last reply by Kristina Hoeppner 266 days ago
    Hello ePortfolio enthusiasts and Mahara / MyPortfolio users, In New Zealand, close to 1,400 schools use MyPortfolio, others have their own Mahara instance, Mahara is used in tertiary education as well as beyond. Thus, it is time for the first NZ...


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