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Mark Callagher

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Experienced Secondary Teacher - Mathematics, Computer Studies, Digital Technologies (Web Design), History, Social Studies. More recently I have Worked as Director of E-Learning with Wellington College and Palmerston North Boys' High Schools along with a full year (2012) as a self-employed E-Learning Professional Learning Consultant.

In 2015 I started with Core Education full time as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator

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It’s the Learning, Stupid

  • Keeping it accessible & usable

    Four Important considerations when choosing or creating a digital learning resource Over the last few months in my role as Education Technology Specialist, I was tasked to run an induction training session for new teachers arriving in the UAE as part of the Ministry of Education’s English Department program. Groups of teachers were arriving each…

    Posted: 193 days ago

  • Want to Transform Learning? Then Choose Transformational Tools

    Introduction Over recent years I have regularly encountered two questions from schools: “what learning apps should we choose?” and “what devices should we use?” I am writing this article with the assumption that schools have a suitable and robust digital infrastructure including network, WiFi, and access to high speed internet. New Zealand schools are currently…

    Posted: 574 days ago

  • The Impact of Introducing Chromebook Laptops into a High School

    Introduction It is now 18 months since Chromebooks were first introduced to Palmerston North Boys’ High School. In my previous role of Director of E-Learning at the school there was a real desire by many staff to utilise 1:1 devices with students. However, the school of over 1700 students was hampered by the IT infrastructure…

    Posted: 659 days ago

  • Teaching Effective Research Skills to Middle and High School Students

    Introduction In this recent article I discussed the alarming incidence of plagiarism by students, particularly copy/pasting work from online sources directly into their research work, often re-arranging some text so that it appeared to be in their own words. If students are properly taught basic skills in how to gather and organise their research, then they can build on…

    Posted: 703 days ago

  • Tackling Low-Level Plagiarism in Schools

    “Houston, we have a problem!” At the start of 2013 I joined a new secondary (high) school where I taught two junior Social Studies classes. The students for both courses were required to complete three internally assessed research assignments over the year. There was some scope for teachers to modify aspects of the assessments, so…

    Posted: 706 days ago

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