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  • robin ohia

    Interests: photography and playing rpg computer games...hehehe.

  • Judy Matthew

    About me: ...resources such as Time-based Art, Making Music; Into Music 3. Plus organising national school Arts competitions such as the Olympic and ParaOlympic Games Painting Competition.  

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  • Game Aesthetics

    The notion of game aesthetics describes the desirable emotional responses evoked in the player, when she interacts with the game system. game user interface game user experience game usability

  • Game Mechamics

    ...p;the system of features that make games fun, compelling and addicting. Particular components of the game, at the level of data represe...Can include: rules → game-rule (operational, constituti...social interaction → social game virtual environment → g...

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  • Want to know more about the digital game: Curriculum for the future game? Why not join Rachel Bolstad 7th Sept, 3.45pm http://bit.ly/2bx36Yl

  • Last day to download free Curriculum for the Future: The Digital Game app http://www.nzcer.org.nz/tests/curriculum-future-digital-game

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  • Gaming

    Samorost 2 This is a VERY addictive game (I warned you) and it has been used by t...ents writing skills. It is a deceptively simple game where you have to click on va...h to the next screen. This is a very expressive game while not having any language...

  • Online games

    ...ing with youth leaders, Global Kids and Gamelab developed Ayiti, a role-playing video game in which the player assumes t...in rural Haiti. Over the course of the game, players choose among and bal...here are different pathways through the game based on the goals you set at...

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  • Game sequences

    Game sequences

    A space to share ways you have found to move an ordinary game into a more purposeful learning activity. Please try to reference your starting point Where did you get the first game from? What changes did you make throughout the lesson? What did this achieve? Feel free to add a video

  • Game-Based Learning in a Flash

    Game-Based Learning in a Flash

    Introducing Game-Based Learning in small bites. 

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  • Scratch Resources I have Built

    Hi all some Scratch Resources: Also check out my POND Collection.

    Tags: scratch, coding, digital-technologies, maze, game, design, perseverance, code, pupils, code-club, blocks, school, elementary, k1-7, learning, creative