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  • Anjela Webster

    I'm a big big fan of the VLN - an outstanding resource and connecting point among educators. I'm teaching, leading the strategies around E-Learning and implementation of technologies into the teaching and learning. I'm currently studying Masters in Education E-Learning endorsed, t...

    Skills: Educator, Leader, Advisor for Wired and Wise; facilitator of workshops "The Good, The Bad, and the Down Right Interesting- Navigating life online and retaining your sanity as a patent". and Wired and Wise - managing multiple Identities Online"

  • Growing Leaders


    Tags: Communication, Fullan, Leader, Middle Managers, SLT, Teacher

  • Fear and Pain


    Tags: Change, Evaluation, Explore, Leader, Learn

  • Leader or Manager?


    Tags: Communicate, Fun, Inquiry, Leader, Learning Plan, Manager, Meetings, Professional Learning, Staff, Students

  • Terry Beech

    Learner, teacher, technologist, reader, furniture designer, furniture maker, author, cyclist, tramper, building a PLN, NZ craft beer drinker.  IPad, Why aren't there more hours in the day!

    Skills: Leader, PL facilitator, crafts person

  • In the good old days...


    Tags: ICT, Future, eLearning, Leader

  • School Culture


    Tags: Education, Leader, School Culture, Schools