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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...s online (in e.g. Moodle, Elgg and Google Apps) and implement all with students and schools. Consultant / Ad...rk with the MOE for ELLINZ online - an online programme for Y7-13 ESOL students in schools without ESOL speci...

  • Sam Cunnane

    About me: ...hy we do things the way we do and then suggesting possible alternatives). Also University of Waikato (teaching NCEA Visual Arts to Grad Dip Teach students) . And Idea Workshop (providi...

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  • Information Fluency

    ...- related to real life situation will get our students learning best How does this relate to our experiences and beliefs: Students rush into finding information...steps will be to continue to learn. It allows students to own their learning. The...

  • Feilding Cluster Student Led Conference

    ...nd be part of a wider learning community. Two students from Terrace End also present...nce which gave them the chance to teach other students about animating using Powerpo...he TeKids. All sessions were well run and the students who led them were confident a...

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  • Casebrook

    ...being incorporated into planning especially with the Inquiry process. Students are using ICT more in the classrooms and are sharing ideas and work with other students. Students from each class ha...

  • Papanui

    ...on Digital Citizenship that all students will complete. Years 9 and 10...d we will ensure that all of the students can log in and we will explai...e course on-line. Year 11 and 12 students will complete the course as p...the timetable for Year 9 and 10 students...

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  • Pasifika Education

    Effective teaching for Pasifika students: This section provides links to student focused information and resources to support effective teaching for Pasifika students. Each video clip comes with:  Key content, Things to think about and transcript   Pasifika Education

  • Term 1 'Wonderfuls' Reflection

    ...d going over the basics for some students and a chance for others...ability. I have found that some students pick up the sequence and orde...ng it a go' than ever by certain students. I now throw all of the less...hat I just said. So now we bring students to the learning space when th...

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  • Student Led Conference 2012

    ...s year our conference was held over 2 days to include more students from the 12 schools involved. Many students who presented on the first day, then attended workshops on the second day.  Students presented workshops that focu...

  • Student Conference - July 2011

    4 students from each school ran workshops throughout the day to 4 students from each school within the cluster. Students had to register online for their workshops and had a choice of 3 workshops through the day.  The p...

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  • How did students apply?

    ...ess as simple as possible for students.    Application p...cation forms to distribute to students. Students completed appl.... 7 November – Students returned completed applicatio...ed. Schools confirmed to students that applications had been co...

  • Principle 3 - Maintaining objectives

    ...ask How can I make the lesson comprehensible to all students? How can I plan the learning tasks so that all the students are actively involved? Do my...try report on a website Using brainstorming tools that students can all contribute at once W...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery


    Using the traditional art of batik the students designs were drawn on calico. Students then applied hot wax by brush onto the fabric areas they wanted to stay white. The fabric was then soaked in yellow...

  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Storyboards for Diploma of Animation

    This collection of Storyboards was generated by students studying the Diploma of Animation at Natcoll Design...t was the student's group project for the course. It involved around 7 students over a 10 week period.

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  • Catering for GATE students with e-learning tools

    Catering for GATE students with e-learning tools

    This is a group to explore ways of using e-learning tools to help extend GATE students. We are looking for examples of this in action. This is an open group so feel free to add your own bookmarks and comments.

  • e-wrapper cluster

    e-wrapper cluster

    ...-learning journey is about improving the teaching and learning for our students, by raising engagement and pr...priority for the cluster schools. We aim to have both highly enthused students and teachers who are excited...

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  • Photography Info and Activity

    Tags: photography, students, elements

  • Development of Digital Citizenship

    National Goal 1 Students to become successful digital citizens The focus Cluster Goal 1 Students are capable, creative and ethical users of ICT who use critical thinking to participate in a range of authentic learning experiences. The rationale All the Te Apiti ICT Cluster goals for 2011 ar...

    Tags: reflective summary, digital citizenship, Te Apiti ICT Cluster, students,

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