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  • VLN Primary School

    VLN Primary School

    Extending learning opportunities by enabling online collaborations between schools.

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  • VLN Contracts - Monitoring and Meetings

    VLN Contracts - Monitoring and Meetings

    2011 discussion area across VLN contracts programmes of work and group meetings.

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  • Welcome back to the VLN Primary 2011

    This year we will be building on the success of our online language classes from 2010. In addition to our language classes we are looking to extend collaborations to provide learning opportunities for Gifted & Talented, Literacy, Numeracy, cultural and global connections. Watch this space ...

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  • About

    Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora te tamaiti.  The Virtual Learning Network Primary School (VLNP) is a collaborative community of schools throughout New Zealand working together to provide improved educational opportunities for students through online learning. The community aims to m...

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  • Case Study - Online Languages 2009

    Prepared by Jo Gibson 2010 Case Study B: Year 7-8 LanguagesLevel: Year 6-8, 2008-2009Leader: Rick Whalley, Principal, Matapu SchoolSource: Matapu School, Taranaki; Cambridge East and Pukeatua Schools, WaikatoLanguages: Spanish and French Structure This pilot programme addressed the pro...

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  • Online Classes

    Our Online Classes We have several classes running for Te Reo Māori, Mandarin, Te Reo Māori Cook Islands, French, Spanish Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, German & Afrikaans.  We also have an Astronomy class, computer programming and extension Maths. We support the ...

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  • The Rainforest Connection

      Check out Rainforest Connection. An opportunity for your students to connect to experts in the rainforest of Belize. This is only available until the 25th February (sorry about the short time frame in organising this). Contact Rachel if you want assistance with making this connection.&n...

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  • Feedback

    What our schools & students have to say about learning with the VLN Primary: Motu School from Enabling eLearning  "Our families are amazed at their students' Year 7 & 8 French lessons. I would like to add French as a reflection on the students' e portfolios" Lynda Jenkinson, Prin...

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  • Protocols for Participation

    These protocols are important to ensure that online classes run smoothly, students are well supported in their learning, and that collaborations between schools are effective and equitable. (This page in Google Docs - download, or share)  Community The principle of "reciprocity" under...

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  • Enrolment Time!

    Get your expressions of interest or enrolments in for classes due to start in Week 6 - next week! We have ready to roll - Te Reo, Japanese, French & Astronomy.  Waiting for confirmation on German & Electronics. Spanish starts Term 2. Very keen to accept new teachers & new cla...

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