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Visarts summary to the 7th May


Visarts summary to the 7th May

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava, kiorana,

Many educational builds or ‘rebuilds’ are taking place across the country. Schools are beginning to look and function quite differently depending on their underlying philosophies. As Arts teachers I urge you to stay abreast of the changes taking place, read about different viewpoints so that you can have an informed voice.


I am looking forward to seeing how the brand-new secondary schools in Otautahi create spaces for the Visual and Performing Arts. This Flexible learning spaces in schools link from the M.O.E. disturbingly suggests wet areas or art areas can be effectively located in pre-existing corridors near service connections for the toilets under the ‘Learning Streets’ section. If you are interested in the changes taking place there are quite a few reports available online if you search “sabbatical report modern learning environments” by Principals keen to look at environmental/pedagogical changes.



Coming up:

May 20th - Saturday - Senior Painting workshop at Mount Albert Grammar

26th and 27th May Solar Printmaking Course, weekend, Amuri Area School, cost:$100- contact: deniseamuri.school.nz

May/June Nelson / Tasman area jumbo day June 2nd TBC and Officemax workshop May 12th.

Thursday 1 June: Photography Symposium 5pm to 7pm -  at Uxbridge - Young photographers are invited speakers include Mish O’Neill, Ashlin Rawson, Fiona Amundsen and ProGear

2017/2018 Auckland - The Big Hoot - details here



Scholarship - thanks Tim for your generosity many have appreciated your insight and ideas.

Jenneke was keen for good examples of L2 Design Wearable arts folios esp. With Mahi Toi or Maori designers as inspiration.


Primary / junior secondary links:

Menlo Park’s Art Studio - great blog for primary/elementary links - great visual self- assessment ‘rubrics’ and planty of video links to foundation knowledge required at Grades 1-5


Secondary links:

Mass: an installation project about creating visual disruptions in places of mass.

Wondereur – in their own words are “bringing you the best artists to watch” from curators around the world

Great Webby Awards website awards page for design students includes sites like this winner Women’s Footprint in History


Articles of interest

Deborah Hill Cone: We should be boosting the arts in schools not bleeding them dry - April 2017 NZ Herald

Forget “digital natives.” Here’s how kids are really using the Internet

Arts Advocacy site with links

Earth without Art - Huffington post

'TES: ‘To retain our best teachers we need to stop killing them with planning, marking and meetings'


Kia pai tō wiki



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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