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Visarts summary 21st August



Visarts summary to the 21st August


Kia ora koutou,

Many of us in this community were saddened to hear of the sudden and unexpected passing of Judy Scothern this month. A caring and inspirational figure whose contribution to Art Education is significant and whose guidance was much valued.


Thank you to all those who have been responding to requests for help, ideas, suppliers or affirmation that others are on the right track.


Primary / Junior Secondary links:


Coming Up…

  • 25th August - last day to register - Wallace Art Award

  • Osmeivy Ortega, Cuban printmaker,  in New Zealand until the 5th September.- contact Rosemary Theunissen at Otahuhu College for details.

  • Waikato folio sharing day: Waikato Diocesan School Art Dept, Hamilton,  Friday 22nd Sept 10.30am - 2.30pm

  • "From The Peninsula", Devonport Art Exhibition from the 30th August to the 24th September,opening Sat 2nd September 12.30-3pm.

  • Nov - Visual Strategies one-day courses in Wellington and Auckland suitable for secondary visual arts teachers. These courses have relevance to NCEA, and include a number of practical time-based projects.


Senior Secondary links:


Recent Threads:

  • External assessment reports - NZQA link

  • Recommended new Photography books

  • Fresh Level 3 Design idea quiry

  • Running 1.2 in a Photo Design course.

  • Virtual Gallery suggestions

  • 2.4 Design Portfolio - Animation

  • ANZAAE letter from Francis Potter

  • Query regarding Illustration as Design approach

  • Sourcing a Lightbox

  • Photo transfer

  • Manga style painting board query

  • Tapa cloth 1.5


Professional Reading links:


Kia pai tō wiki



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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