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Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces

Started by Alice Irvine 20 Dec 2011 7:47pm () Replies (12)

Hi, I'm looking to put in place an outstanding and effective personalised learning programme with flexible learning spaces for 2012. New classroom, new school and no idea what resources or furniture available.

I'm hoping to have a few digital tools available and incorporate google-docs into it somehow.

Any hints or tips? What are you doing in your classroom? Will I need to but fancy new things? Or is anyone managing to do this successfully with basics?


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 21 Dec 2011 10:38am ()

    This is a great question, Alice - and a BIG question ;-). It's a quiet time at the moment, so people may jump into this thread in January - and I'll share it via our weekly digest too.

    Your school as a whole will have a strategic approach for curriculum development and the use of technology which will provide useful direction. In the meantime, you might find the following resources practical starting points:

    What does it mean to have Personalised Learning in your classroom? from Fleur Kukler on Vimeo.

    As a general rule, your starting point for planning will be the curriculum, what your students' strengths and needs are, and the appropriate pedagogical approach to help them engage with the learning area content, from where they are currently at, allowing them to bring prior knowledge and cultural experiences. Then, you select the appropriate technology to support and enhance that learning process. It is useful to know what tech you will have available, but the learning process is the most important thing to start with:-)

    In many ways, a personalised classroom is not about the technology at all, but about the pedagogy:-)

    Hope this helps. Anyone else got any thoughts to support Alice for 2012?


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2012 4:10pm ()

    Check out these two new EdTalks videos of our community members  - Anne Keneally and Chris Bradbeer - exploring the way their classroom environments can be adapted to focus on the learning. What can you take away for your own school this year?


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