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Using Meraki as an MDM? Changes to standard (SM) accounts

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Started by Juliet Revell 29 Mar 2015 10:50am () Replies (29)

Hi everyone

I am just reading through the changes to Meraki that have been made, and are effective as at 24 March 2015.


I've copied the key changes from the Meraki website below, and am currently chugging through the reading. 

What are the key changes?

We are streamlining the product model from two versions of Systems Manager (Standard and Enterprise) to a single version, consisting of the full enterprise feature set. All new Systems Manager customers will have the entire enterprise feature set and can enroll 100 devices for free. Enrolling more than 100 devices requires Systems Manager licenses.

If I have less than 100 devices, then do I need to purchase licenses?

No - if you have fewer than 100 enrolled devices, then you will be able to use and operate Systems Manager with every existing and new feature. Customers with fewer than 100 devices who want phone support will still need to purchase a license and can do so by contacting sales: https://meraki.cisco.com/form/contact

I am trying to find out the cost of the licenses for our school going forward - we will require an "Enterprise" contract (over 100 devices.)


Keen to hear thoughts/ advice from others in the similar position.

Should we revert to using Apple Configurator?

Are there some good alternatives that other schools are using.





  • Steve Lydford (View all users posts) 29 Mar 2015 3:33pm ()

    We have just set ourselves up with Meraki following our IT providers advice. We have had hassles with being limited to a certain number of devices per apple id. We are a school with less than 100 devices, so I was interested in your article and will show this to our IT guys.


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2015 10:41am ()

    Has anyone had any joy finding out what the costs will be? I have been ringing the New Zealand representative in Australia and the other 2 numbers listed for Australia on a daily basis - all I get is an answerphone, and Iʻve emailed the Australian rep and the National Channel Account Manager Australia and not heard a dickey bird. Iʻve filled in the online contact form and got a message saying someone will get in touch... and when I replied saying on past history, Iʻm not holding my breath, he said to get in touch with my local rep... I replied Iʻve been doing that on a daily basis... He hasnʻt replied again!!!

    I find this a very frustrating part of Meraki - I know we are using one of their products for free (although if using too many devices we will have to pay) but in a world where there are other choices and Apple is promising something brighter and better next year, their customer service stinks. At another school, they locked us out of Dashboard as their computers thought we were a paying customer and account was overdue, and it took 7 weeks to get that sorted! All I am after is a tiny piece of information - what will it cost???

  • Mike Chatfield (View all users posts) 16 Apr 2015 12:50pm ()



    has anyone had an update on this issue so far?

    If not, here's what I have found out. 

    If you were a Meraki System Manager user prior to the change over, then you can continue to use Systems Manager (standard free capability) as you currently do, adding devices if you like. 

    If you are new to Meraki after this change over date of 24th March then you will be able to use the new Systems Manager (with all the bells and whistles) for free when using up to 100 devices. If you go over 100 devices you will need to pay for licenses. i.e. if you had 100 devices (free) and added 10 more, you would need 110 licenses.

    maybe that's helpful for people?



  • Rachel (View all users posts) 06 May 2015 4:06pm ()

    Hi Mike,

    Do you have this in official writing from Cisco anywhere? Our network providers have told us they won't support us with Meraki anymore because Meraki has made changes that mean any support will cost us. Is this true?

    Most of our iPads are not receiving apps that I am pushing from the dashboard and i'd like to know who to get help from!

    If we can continue to use the standard systems manager as we have done for a year now I don't see why this has suddenly become an issue!

    Thanks :)


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 17 Apr 2015 7:56pm ()

    Thanks Mike,

    It does clarify one point for which I am grateful and means two of my schools wonʻt need to pay but there are other schools I would like to use Meraki with so I need to know the cost of a license. But I still havenʻt heard from anyone in Meraki (in nearly a month) as to what the cost of a license will be? Do you know? From your visit to Meraki last year, do you have any email contacts I can try (off list) to see if I can get an answer.


    Howard P


  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 18 Apr 2015 11:53am ()

    Thanks for the heads up. We run Meraki switches in our school and run our macs and ipads through Meraki. I love the info we get out of Meraki but.... cost will be interesting. I have flicked an email off to local reps.

  • Jamie De La Haye (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2015 2:12pm ()

    Hi all

    Very interested in any info on this.

    We have VPP set up and were about (this term) to set up Meraki but am now wondering if we should!!?? We have just over 100 iPads.

    At present to update etc we have to bring them in to one location and do updates their via USB this slow and frustrating, so Meraki really sounded good. Am wondering whether to now wait to see what apple are bringing out / compared to this fee (If we ever work out what it is) for Meraki use and what it can do.


  • Mark Herring (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2015 9:00am ()

    I'm in the same boat as Howard P - I'm advising schools that are using Meraki and some who are looking at setting up an MDM. It would be great to know how much it will cost, even if schools have under 100 devices, as they'll probably need more than that many licenses in the future.

    How much will it cost? We'd love to know. 


  • Mike Chatfield (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2015 6:10pm ()

    I'm going to be talking to Meraki on Friday and have asked about potential licensing information and the like. I'll let you know how I go and post it on this thread here for you.

    if your starting a new school with less than 100 devices though, it'll be free. Once you break the 100 device barrier then the cost will come in. That's what i've had confirmed so far anyway.




  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2015 6:36pm ()

    Unfortunately it looks as though the costing structure above 100 is going to be a ongoing cost nightmare. 47.75 a unit above 100 for one year. I have a quote for 1, 3 and 5 years for 500 devices. We are now in the process of deinstalling off laptops and reducing our client installed numbers to below 100.

    Must say I am disappointed in Cisco bringing in such a high cost.

  • Jamie De La Haye (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2015 8:30pm ()


    Sorry just want to clarify as we were about to install Meraki this term??!!

    Costing is 47.75 what?

    We have looked at Bushel, been quoted a $1 an iPad. Heard of this MDM, any advice out there? Reason looked at it is support good and been around for a while


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2015 6:55pm ()

    Thanks Warren, great to finally get this info. Seemingly no one in Meraki could tell me this. After emailing and leaving phone messages, over a month later Iʻm still waiting to hear back! 

    Both in terms of customer support (or lack of) and the costs they are now imposing, one can only assume they are not interested in more new customers. Who can afford this sort of cost?

    It makes you wonder what the Ministry is coughing out as far as licenses are concerned for all the Ruckus and Aerohives that have been installed in schools under SNUP upgrades. I tried to get Meraki for one of my schools but even though we offered to pay the extra for Meraki units, it seems Think Wireless are only interested in installing and supporting Ruckus - thatʻs your choice if you have a SNUP wireless upgrade!


    Howard P

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