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  • Janet's Latest Gems

    Kia ora Latest Gems It has been a while since I shared the latest ideas, articles, research, links and apps that I have discovered from around the world that you may find helpful as leaders and teachers of English language learners. So here are a few of my recent favourites. Please note to ...

    Tags: ESOL, ELLs, Apps, research, articles

  • Reflection on my learning from WATESOL Expo presentations

    Hi everyone We have reached the middle of the year and I am wondering how you are all surviving? It is around this time of year that I would reflect on my teaching and my students' learning progress compared to where I thought we would be. It usually resulted in a sense of increased urgenc...

    Tags: 432 strategy, 321 strategy, ESOL, ELLs, Pronunciation, Intercultural Competence

  • Supporting English Language Learners In Primary Schools (SELLIPS)

    Hi Everyone Thank you to everyone responding to the queries re Supporting English language learners in primary Schools (SELLIPS). All the booklets are also available in PDF form on esolonline on this page.    SELLIPS is a great resource which many teachers/schools are not ye...

    Tags: SELLIPS, Genre. Language Functions. ESOL, ELLs, low engagement in writing

  • Key Instructional Ideas to support oral language development

    Hi everyone Last week I shared the herald article NZ pupils struggling to speak, which claimed that fewer children starting school can speak in sentences.  I know that many junior class level teachers have been concerned about this for a while. Therefore I have decided to spend the next cou...

    Tags: oral language development, ESOL, ELLs

  • Vocabulary tests, Initial ELL Assessments and Great Reading and Writing Activities

    Hi everybody Wow, thank you to everyone who has shared over the past week your responses to other members’ questions has been amazing! Due to the busy nature of the site this week I will review the discussions in this update and add a few points of my own. Please feel free to contin...

    Tags: Vocabulary, Assessment, ELLs, Placement, ESOL, Reading activities, Writing activities

  • Learning to Read in a Second Language

    Hi everyone I want to spend part of this term looking a little deeper at the process of teaching reading. I am particularly interested in what we as teachers do at the pre-reading stage of a reading lesson. My interest in this has arisen from writing ESOL content for the School Journals Teache...

    Tags: Reading, Second Language Reading, ELLs, ESOL

  • Initial Diagnostic Assessment

      What are we trying to find out about the student in our initial assessment and why? 1. Students background: In order to ‘know the learner’ we need to learn about the student’s language and their strengths and find out more about their background. E.g. ...

    Tags: Assessment, ESOL, Diagnostic assessment, ELLs

  • 11 Tips for Teaching English Language learners.

    11 Tips for Teaching English language learners (ELLS) (These tips are written in no particular order) These 11 tips have been written from an amalgamation of the 7 ESOL principles, my own ESOL knowledge and from an Edutopia post written by Ayanna Cooper, 10 Tips for Teaching ...

    Tags: ELLs, ESOL. Teaching

  • 20 Tips for teaching ELLs' who have very little English

    20 Tips for teaching ELLs' who have very little English  Teaching a new student who speaks little or no English is a challenge for most classroom teachers.  Sometimes these students also have limited schooling or literacy in their first language which makes teaching the...

    Tags: ESOL, ELLs

  • 21st century learning and ELLS

    21st century learning and ELLS What skills will our students need to cope with living in the 21st century? Our lifestyles are changing rapidly in a high tech globalised world. We see changing societal structures, increasing social and cultural diversity and the marketing of idea...

    Tags: 21st century learning, ELLs