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  • EducampWellington

    Information page for the coming Educamp Wellington (May 21, 2011). "EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education.We're all about growing our learning, networking, and, of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way..."

    Tags: community, professional learning, wikispaces

  • digitalproficiency @ wikispaces.com

    This wikispace tries and provides bridges between standards listed in the curriculum (NZ for now) and digital skills as they are used in the industry, on a day to day basis. Covers programming (simple and advanced), design, visualisation, mobile devices.

    Tags: digital resources, visualisation, programming, wikispaces

  • Link Learning Wiki Home Page

    Here's where we link from. Most of the good stuff can be found here. It's open to edit.

    Tags: link learning, nelson, allanah, wikispaces

  • Porthills Collaborate PE Games

    Video your kids playing a game, add the rules and add it to the database of games

    Tags: physical education, wikispaces, learning games

  • We are room 1 featured at Wikispaces blog

    Craig Kemp describes how he uses wikispaces to support learning The big “Aha” moment for me only came about a month ago when I realised that the children had reached a much wider audience than just mum and dad at home. I noticed that the wiki had become global and only through addi...

    Tags: wikispaces

  • Digistore featured at wikispaces blog

    Fiona Grant and Rochelle Jensen are submitted to a short interview on their use of wikispaces to support the NZ community Wikispaces provides lots of options for us to link and embed content and contributions from other educators. We are able to share student and teacher voices using video and...

    Tags: wikispaces

  • Crash Course on creating a wikispace

    Written by Jacqui Sharp. Quick and to the point. 

    Tags: wikispaces

  • Useful widgets

    Contributed by Jacqui Sharp. Long list, with examples, of widgets you may want to include in your wikispace. 

    Tags: wikispaces, web 2.0

  • World Cup Rugby App for iPad, iPod Touch

    Follow every moment of Rugby 2011 World Cup in New Zealand from the first whistle to the final kick. This app is the perfect companion for the 2011 Rugby World Cup on your iPhone or iPod touch. Be the first to read the latest news. Keep yourself updated with the performance of all the teams.

    Tags: rugby, collaborative activity, collaboration, wikispaces